Road Trip to Magical Mahabaleshwar – Panchgani

Road Trip to Magical Mahabaleshwar – Panchgani

 A Weekend Road Trip to Mahabaleshwar

The sunrise of 3rd ‘Feb was different because as the sun was rising we are heading towards Mahabaleshwar – Panchgani with lots of positive energy and excitement. 

Mahabaleshwar here we come –

Early Sunrise

We began our journey from Hyderabad early morning in the dawn.

Roadway to Panchgani

We had options of choosing the two ways but unfortunately the road which decreases the duration wasn’t good but the desire to reach the destination did not stop us.

After a long travelling of about 13 hours we finally reached our destination “Panchgani”.

Dhom Dam

As we entered this beautiful hill station, the first tourist spot that attracted us was “Sydney Point”. The hilltop overlook was offering expansive views of the Krishna Valley.

Path to Sydney Point

The beautiful path gave us the way to view this mesmerising sight. The view and the air of Sydney Point refreshed us and gave the energy to visit few more places on the same day.

Panorama of Table Land

After visiting the beautiful Sydney Point, we headed towards the “Table Land” not so far from “Sydney Point”. Table Land is a flatland which is spread over the vast area of around 100 acres.

One of the unique aspect of this plateau is that nothing ever seems to grow here.

Early winters is the good season to visit table land.

Horse at Table Land

We can view the whole area with the help of horse ride which is provided at the entrance of table land.

View from Table Land

After an evening walk in table land and while heading towards Mahabaleshwar we decided to visit another tourist attraction i.e “Parsi Point”.

The Parsi Point gives the view of Krishna valley surrounded by green mountains. The breeze of this point filled our minds with peace.

As it was the time of dusk, we moved to Mahabaleshwar where we booked our rooms by giving a pause to our excitement to visit more places.

A beautiful morning in the beautiful place “Mahabaleshwar” was very pleasant and mind refreshing. We planned to start our new day by visiting the old historical “Pratapgad Fort”

This fort was built by the great Maratha Warrior Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj”. The fort has become a popular tourist destination and hence we can find a plenty of visitors in all the seasons.

Pratapgad Fort

There are around 450 steps to reach the top of the Pratapgad Fort. It’s relatively an easy trek, make sure you keep yourself hydrated during the trekking.Chatrapathi Shivaji

There are many things to take a glance while visiting the fort. One of them is the Statue of Chatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj”.

Sahyadri Mountains

Along with this we cannot avoid the beautiful Sahyadri Mountains surrounding the fort which is so beautiful that once seen we cannot forget the beauty of it.

After viewing the pleasing mountains and historical fort, we headed towards Venna Lake. The Venna lake is one of the major attractions in Mahabaleshwar.

Venna Lake

One can enjoy a boat ride over the lake or a horse ride next to the lake.One can go either to of row a boat or a paddle a boat to give themselves an endurance test. You can find people at the spot selling various items. These included fresh berries like Mulberries, Strawberries and carrots.

Strawberries Gooseberries and Mulberries

We spent more than an hour rowing the and enjoying the scenery and fascinating beauty of the place.

Venna Boating

Before the sun sets and day comes to an end we visited few more places like “Cheese Factory” where the varieties of cheese is made and “Mapro Garden”.

Mapro Garden is a garden park in the hill station. Mapro is famous for it’s delicious fruit based products. With the greenery all around we can also find a chocolate factory, retail outlet, a small nursery and a restaurant. The greenery of the garden, the beautiful flowers refreshed our minds and all the tiredness of whole day vanished by seeing the beautiful scenery.

Strawberry cream with Ice-Cream

One who visits mapro garden cannot resist without eating this strawberry with cream ice cream which is very yummy and delicious. Though it is a bit costly but the taste of it makes it all.

Finally, the taste of the ice cream was fabulous and the day ended, we headed towards our hotel.

Again a new morning and happiness of still being in Mahabaleshwar was overwhelming. This day we decided to start by visiting the famous temples of Mahabaleshwar. The temples are located in Old Mahabaleshwar. As soon as we reached there we found out that the three temples are at the same place within little distance i.e the Mahabaleshwar temple, Panchganga temple and Atibaleshwar temple. The silence of the temple was very peaceful and soothing. The Mahabaleshwar temple and Atibaleshwar temple are the temples of Lord Shiva where as the Panchganga temple has its own uniqueness.

Panchganga Temple

This is the temple where the five different rivers i.e Krishna, Venna, Koyna, Gayatri and Savitri come together and makes the scene beautiful.


Keeping this amazing silence with us, we headed towards one of the amazing and mind blowing place located in old mahabaleshwar which is “Connaught peak”. This is the second highest peak in Mahabaleshwar and a beautiful place for trekking. The way to reach the peak point can only make you fall in love with it.

Trail head to Connaught Peak

After walking through this wonderful way we reach the most admirable point. The beauty of this place cannot be described in words, it can be only seen and felt.

Valleys of Connaught Peak

Even though it is such an amazing place we could not find people over here. As it was a weekday we couldn’t see the chaos of people, as many of them are not aware.

Connaught peak view 2

Though we were not feeling to leave, we had to move forward and leave the place. But we were happy that we did not miss out on visualizing  such an amazing scenes. We could almost see all the places of Mahabaleshwar from the top.

As it was our last night in Mahabaleshwar, we decided to dedicate the evening for shopping at night market. The market of Mahabaleshwar is always decorated as it’s a festival.

Night Market in Mahabaleshwar

The streets were glowing all around with lights and nice people. The shops had varieties of things to buy from dresses to sandals and varieties of eatables. We did our shopping and had our dinner at the marketplace.

This morning wasn’t so great because we had to leave the beautiful hill station and come back to Hyderabad. After remembering the great moments spent in Mahabaleshwar, we decided to start our journey back to Hyderabad.

Bagicha CornerBefore leaving Mahabaleshwar we had to visit one of the important place that is “Bagicha Corner”. The strawberries just arrived from the farms. Bunch of Strawberries

We saw the strawberry farm at Bagicha corner which was as beautiful as any of the peak of Mahabaleshwar. The strawberries over here were very fresh. The cost of strawberries was around Rs.160 per kg as it was freshly plucked from farms and sold. The taste of it is just awesome and we can’t stop eating if we taste it once. People who visit Mahabaleshwar should taste the strawberries of this place.

Strwberry Farms


We went to strawberry farms after buying strawberries, we finally left Mahabaleshwar. It was a great trip at the great place.

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